by withinek

Stacja pogodowa Jadowniki / Brzesko

by withinek

Statystyki mojego Raspberry Pi

by hans

Netduino Plus connected to sensors around the house

by samlro

Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield

by ethernut

Querx TH is web thermometer from egnite. It monitors temperature and humidity and sends out alarm notifications via email, SNMP and Syslog. Data logging is done via cloud integration.

by mqc69

Home temperature, relative humidity and light measurement test using an ESP8266 with DHT11 and a photoresistor. LUA only, with NodeMCU firmware. The video channel is not mine, but interesting. Click on 'More Information" :-)

by cldutton

A low-cost, open source weather station in Bomet, Kenya.

by qunuq

Experimental Si7021 sensor setup.

by rakoska79

Zobrazování teplot topného systému :-) Spotřeba hnědého uhlí:-) Meteo data :-)

by cldutton

A low cost, open source water level logger on the Mara River near Serena Lodge in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

by qunuq

Wireless outdoor thermometer (Electric Imp, TI TMP102 sensor, 4 x AA Energizer L91).

by kwiejce

Kwiejce CO dół