Residential Data Points

by samlro

Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield

Analog Inputs


by hans

Netduino Plus connected to sensors around the house

temp, light, sensor

Nyack Aqua TS

by MHuster

This is the channel for the Nyack aquaponics system

education, aquaponics

Eldorado Kibon I

by ramaral

Dados da estação meteorológica amadora montada com Arduino e localizada no Rio de Janeiro. Data amateur weather station mounted with Arduino and located in Rio de Janeiro. Follow me on twitter : @Estacaoeldorado

Temperatura, Santa Cruz da Serra, Duque de Caxias


by qunuq

Wireless outdoor thermometer (Electric Imp, TI TMP102 sensor, 4 x AA Energizer L91).

temperature, outdoor


by hans

CheerLights is an ioBridge Labs project that allows people's lights all across the world to synchronize, stay linked based on social networking trends. It's a way to connect physical things with social networking experiences.

cheerlights, iobridge, G-35

Pellet Boiler Monitor

by sudmanche

Pellet Boiler monitored by a Yoctopuce Yocto-Knob to allow more advance control & notifications. Four temperature sensors and one light sensor to monitor the alarm LED are connected.

Boiler, Yoctopuce, Yocto-Knob, temp, light, sensor

Air quality sensors

by hajma

Air quality sensors Temperature: LM35CZ Dust: PPD42NS Diesel exhaust gas: TGS2104 NOx: TGS2106

temperature air quality dust Diesel exhaust gas NOx TGS2106 TGS2104 PPD42NS LM35CZ

Inferno Photovoltaic

by flashfingaz

Photovoltaic Panel in the green hell ;)

photovoltaic, germany, dortmund

Dain City Environment

by singlechips

Barometric pressure, humidity and temperature in Dain City (Welland), Ontario, Canada

BMP085, RHT03, Flyport, OpenPicus

PNC Queen Street

by guolivar

Particle number concentration from Auckland Council's condensation particle counter at the Queen Street air quality monitoring site.


Temperature, Älta, Sweden

by mrquick

Outside temperature


Office Environment

by peteh59

Temperature, humidity, light level and barometric reading in my office and outside the window

Xbee XIG DHT22 Arduino Seeeduino

Fun with Arduino


Example channels from Fun with Arduino course


Channel 5714

by JDT

Solar water heating system. 30 x 58mm evacuated tubes, facing south. 180l tank. Sussex, UK. The tank is also heated by a woodstove, oil boiler or by electric immersion heater.

Solar, temperature, water