by daturach

The video (not mine!) explains the settings of a similar system I am using. For more info, go to Other sites where I publish live data:

by hans

Netduino Plus connected to sensors around the house

by denker

Systemstatus des Raspberry Pi erfassen: CPU Temperatur

by sgconcept

ESP8266-12 + Underwater DS18B20 for my aquarium

by withinek

Stacja pogodowa Jadowniki / Brzesko

by withinek

Statystyki mojego Raspberry Pi

by q2pilot

Solar Power Monitoring, well that and most of the other energy consumption in a typical house. Mostly I was interested in how my 1160W of solar panels was working.

by qunuq

Experimental Si7021 sensor setup.

by cldutton

A low-cost, open source weather station at Keekorok Lodge in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

by samlro

Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield

by cldutton

A water level logger on the Talek River at Fig Tree Camp in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

by rakoska79

Zobrazování teplot topného systému :-) Spotřeba hnědého uhlí:-) Meteo data :-)

by qunuq

Wireless outdoor thermometer (Electric Imp, TI TMP102 sensor, 4 x AA Energizer L91).