by qunuq

Experimental Si7021 sensor setup.

by linussatya

Experiment with esp 8266 and DHT11

by avaldebe

DIY Air Quality (AQ) and Meteorological (MET) monitoring station

by sejl

Weather data from WS1080 weather station. Sampling time: 20s

by RealMaxwell

dht22 temperature humidity sensor, esp6288 wifi,

by 14971

Test pomiarów za pomocą Lan Kontrolera V2.

by bluestreak

An Arduino based circuit using a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor. This is connected to a Windows PC inside my home and loops the information on the serial port which is read by a processing sketch and then passed to the web as a get request. The pro

by Johan-M

DHT22 sensor in my livingroom measuring the humidity and temperature. The sensor is directly connected to an ESP8266 running Arduino

by davestoweuk

My 8266 Wifi Sending Temperature, Humidity of my home and Power usage (eventually!)

by pietervanharen

Temperature and humidity logging of our ICT office

by ram

Arduino with temperature and humidity sensors

by matterlobby

This channel provides weather data in Schmitten-Oberreifenberg, Germany (672m above sea level)

by chrisumbel

hih6030-021-001 for temp and humidity. MSP430G2553 MCU