by yaqwsx

First test of ESP8266 with NodeMCU firmware. Data are read from pressure sensor BMP085, humidity sensor DHT11, and temperature sensor DS18x20. Everything is powered with ATMEGA328p

by ezahrai

Current temperature, humidity and pressure at the NWCC Communication Tower in Prince Rupert, BC

by cleeve

Weather Station, Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, UK

by erdevisa

Home made weather station project(under developement)

by DzikuVx

Current weather condition for Szczecin, Poland

by brobild

Weather at Öresundsbron

by matterlobby

This channel provides weather data in Schmitten-Oberreifenberg, Germany (672m above sea level)

by nitram

Climate at home in KIngaroy, Queensland, Australia. Measuring temperature and relative humidity with DHT22, barometric pressure with BMP085 and light with a Freetronics sensor. All connected to a Freetronics Etherten.

by pingvinpalatset

Weatherstation at our house in Björboholm, Lerum, Sweden.