by daturach

The video (not mine!) explains the settings of a similar system I am using. For more info, go to Other sites where I publish live data:

by q2pilot

Solar Power Monitoring, well that and most of the other energy consumption in a typical house. Mostly I was interested in how my 1160W of solar panels was working.

by rayellam

Data sent to IOT via a prototype MK1 power meter containing a PIC18F24J50 + WiFi. This has the following params. Current RMS, Voltage RMS, Power Kw, Run time, Frequency. Coming soon. Power factor, Temperature, Humidity, makes the tea.

by Dargal

Energy monitoring implemented using ESP8266-01 V2 and OpenHAB. A phototransistor is used as a sensor and the signal is connected to GPIO0 on the ESP8266-01. Data is sent for each watt/h consumed.

by chrismendes

A channel for monitoring power usage. Recently hooked to the main line coming into the property.

by jhavens1566

Using an ESP8266 ESP-01 module and an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V I wirelessly update all outputs from my thermostat to here for data analysis and because it's cool. This requires a voltage divided rectifier since thermostats run at least 24 VAC RMS.