by ThinkMaster


by Ondra78

>CZ< Pokusný kanál Lipiny. Data ze čtyř čidel DS18B20. Jeden kanál, čtyři pole. >EN< The test channel from Lipiny, Czech Republic. Data from four sensors DS18B20. One channel, four fields.

by rodrigoaescobar

This is an arduino uno and ethernet shield running a program that reads the temperature from a 1-wire DS18B20+ IC. Data is uploaded every 15 seconds.

by tjaeggi

Sensors used: DS18B20, BMP085 and DHT22/AM2302.Sensor values captured by Arduino and transferred to Raspberry Pi via ZigBee-Network.

by aaa1

ESP8266 + BMP180 + DS18B20,

by vespapierre

Solar Air Heating system and Dehydrator system made by beer cans.

by jjmz

DS18B20, nrf24l01, stc15l204 in mailbox outside, another device in house. rx via nrf24l01 and Raspi.

by bonalybob

An air quality monitoring device running from a Raspberry Pi in Colinton, Edinburgh

by BatriumDemo

Demo station monitoring the lithium battery pack of a offgrid solar system

by dabystru

Temperature and humidity censor AM2302 attached to ESP8266 ESP-12

by dabystru

Temperature and humidity censor AM2302 and external temperature sensor DS18B20 attached to ESP8266 ESP-12

by Katzworld

ESP8266 + DHT22 + DS18B20 + BMP180 (NO-nodemcu, NO-arduino !) Hand Built UGLY Style ver 0.0.7a LCD Dec 30 2014 MaksMS