by denker

Hier wird alle 5 Minuten das Wetter aus Langenhagen via eines Raspberry Pi gesendet

by provoostkris

Various sensors around the house (development). Pressure is measured using MP...6115 series.

by Amaryllis

Live data from the Apollo Environmental Controller prototype by Amaryllis Development

by schluerfrank

This demo is switching a Program / feature without any costs

by denker

Anzahl der aktuell empfangenen Flugzeugtransponder in Hannover (Aktualisierung alle 5 min) via Raspberry Pi und DUMP1090

by ThinkMaster


by streamingmeemee

Measured on the shaded north side of the building. Both F and C values are provided.

by foglie0p

Keeping track of my solar charge controller

by jjmz

DS18B20, nrf24l01, stc15l204 in mailbox outside, another device in house. rx via nrf24l01 and Raspi.

by rusty

Sump pump water level sensor readings.

by JDT

Solar water heating system. 30 x 58mm evacuated tubes, facing south. 180l tank. Sussex, UK. The tank is also heated by a woodstove, oil boiler or by electric immersion heater.

by Reinier

3-depth soil moisture measurement using gypsum sensors. Testing set-up with a Thompson Seedless grape vine.

by acegrc

Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328 @ 3.3V 8M. ESP8266-01 WiFi Module. DHT21 (AM2301) Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module. Accuracy: 0.1 Measurement range: 0-100%RH Precision: ±3%RH. Temperature measurement range: -40℃ ~ +80℃. Precision: ±0.5℃