by sza2

ESP-01 (ESP8266) and DS18B20 based temperature monitor using NodeMCU firmware Lua script uploader:

by rw950431

How long do I have to wait for my bus?

by mattcallow

Shows some sensor info from a RaspberryPi running in my study at home (Sydney, NSW)

by acarsv

Temperatura e Pressão Atmosférica com Arduíno UNO + Ethernet Shield W5100 + Sensor BMP085 - em São Luis - MA

by FlyRouter

RU, Republic of Crimea, reg.Leninskiy, vil.Semyonovka

by Katzworld

ESP8266 + DHT22 + BMP180 + BH1750 (NO-nodemcu, NO-arduino !) Hand Built UGLY Style ver 0.0.8a LCD MaksMS Lab Monitor

by Ondra78

>CZ< Pokusný kanál Lipiny. Data ze čtyř čidel DS18B20. Jeden kanál, čtyři pole. >EN< The test channel from Lipiny, Czech Republic. Data from four sensors DS18B20. One channel, four fields.

by konradio

Atmospheric Pressure Measurement with BMP085 on Raspberry Pi

by JDT

Solar water heating system. 30 x 58mm evacuated tubes, facing south. 180l tank. Sussex, UK. The tank is also heated by a woodstove, oil boiler or by electric immersion heater.

by foglie0p

Keeping track of my solar charge controller

by teo_kan

Radiation Level at: (lat) 45.506640, (long) -73.673600