by bcatalin

Room temperature DTH22 connected to ESP8266 ESP-01

by normanr

The CurrentCost meter in my town house in Sandymount, Ireland.

by krokus57

Odintsovo, Moscow region, Russia

by pnil


by sduenasv

Ecuador, sampling every 5 min

by mrkale

Meranie vykonáva mikropočítač Raspberry Pi pomocou snímačov DS18B20. Sníma sa každých 5 minút.

by abakus

Monitorowanie zuzycia energii elektrycznej.

by ags3006

A thermometer at home using my Raspberry Pi

by rw950431

Scraping temperature readings off the weather bureau site using nodered

by k.dewaele

Lab temperatures, including cooling devices.

by djash40

DJASH Arduino Temp Sensors. Custom Charts can be found here: