by stefan.waldschmidt

pressure and temperature (inside) near Darmstadt, Germany - sensor: BMP180, IoT-device: ESP8266 (ESP-12) running a Sming-based application.

by shottago

Use Bosch BMP180 sensor to measure indoor temperature and atmospheric pressure.

by Mazda 121 EV

Battery Management data from my electric vehicle conversion of a 1996 Mazda 121 Bubble.

by farhouse

Temperatura, Humedad y Presion Barometrica dentro de Patagonia Tecnology

by ibanrpo

Este canal provee el dato de temperatura de la oficina de desarrollo de Nodrizza Network S.A. Se genera un dato nuevo cada minuto

by rsnw

Temperature and Humidity located in Germany (BY). Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield CH1 : DS18B20 CH2 : DHT22 Temp CH3 : DHT22 Hum

by kropbj

Aggregate data gathered from esp8266 with dht22 sensor in basement.

by cleeve

Weather Station, Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, UK

by hemdanw

MathWorks Weather Station, West Garage, Natick, MA 01760, USA

by Ivanka78

ESP8266 + BMP180 + DHT22 + DS18B20

by sensr101

Curing and ferment chambers Lab

by msexauer

Monitor der PV Anlage Speicherung der Wetterdaten von für Cloudiness, Temperatur und WetterId und Wetterbeschreibung in den Channel Status WetterId Bedeutung siehe

by fexadom

Temperatura sensor infrarrojo en un Arduino con ESP8266.