by kwso888

A very simple temperature and relative humidity station built up by ESP8266 module running on NodeMCU and DHT22 sensor.

by duszkowski

Domowa stacja meteo oparta o Atmegę 32, DS18b20, SHT11, MPX4115 i moduł WIFI ESP8266. Soft napisany w Bascom

by Mazda 121 EV

Battery Management data from my electric vehicle conversion of a 1996 Mazda 121 Bubble.

by yuvoua

Pure ESP8266 LUA based IoT

by olewolf

Radiation level in Nørresundby, Denmark

by chrisumbel

kitchen temp, humidity, mq2 gas sensors. powered by an electric imp with a hih6030-021-001.

by wanderingmoose

ESP8266 DS18B20 using nodemcu FW following these instructions:

by tyn

Arduino UNO, Ethernet shield W5100, 5x DS18B20 Powered by solar energy


by azaroth

Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield + DHT22

by spumanti

Outdoor temperature updated every 5 minutes by a PowerShell script. Data is read from Yahoo weather RSS feed and DMI local weather forecast.

by critters

Monitors the pool and air temperature using an Arduino Pro Mini, ESP8266 WiFi chip, and a couple of DS18B20 temperature sensors. Samples the temperatures every 2 minutes and then transmits the median value from the last 5 readings every 10 minutes.

by erdevisa

Home made weather station project(under developement)