by matterlobby

This channel provides weather data in Schmitten-Oberreifenberg, Germany (672m above sea level)

by asimowalk

ESP8266 module sending data from an Arduino Uno which gets readings from a photoresistor and a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.

by Francis

Visitors hit counter with Arduino Mega, Ethernet Shield and VirtualWire RF433MHz connection to ir gate sensor.

by rw950431

Scraping temperature readings off the weather bureau site using nodered

by JKB

Lux indoors in my apartment

by slabs

Analog Input from Electric Imp GrowerBot

by jejo

Descripción Localizar Alarma

by ymisetz

Temperatures read by DS18B20 sensors on arduino uno board

by andrej666

Мониторинг в городе. ESP8266 + BMP180 + DS18B20 (NO-nodemcu, NO-arduino !)

by Digital_Boy

This tracks a Twine sensor ( configured to monitor the position of the waste bin lid on my cat's LitterMaid box ( If I forget to empty the catbox, the Twine notifies me via text message when the bin is full.