by bluestreak

This is the same idea as my other temperature and humidity sensor but this one uses an ESP8266 wifi module, powered from a single 18650 battery over night and charged during the day by solar. It is also located outside

by ducati24h

Esta es mi prueba con ESP8266 y dos DHT22

by Licotherm

Provoz automatického kotle Licothem 24. Sledování pomocí LAN Controlleru a čidel teploty DS18B20. Kotel je spínán pouze dle výstupní kotlové teploty.

by commsec

EuComm DINO-YUN Channel

by 14971

Test pomiarów za pomocą Lan Kontrolera V2.

by hemdanw

MathWorks Weather Station, West Garage, Natick, MA 01760, USA

by janco

Water level in an underground water reservoir

by lukas12p

Weather station readings (outside)

by nitram

Climate at home in KIngaroy, Queensland, Australia. Measuring temperature and relative humidity with DHT22, barometric pressure with BMP085 and light with a Freetronics sensor. All connected to a Freetronics Etherten.

by insatchile


by dawamiot

Testing esp8266 with ds18b20 on LUA

by sejl

Home energy monitoring system using CyBro PLC ( Sampling time: 20s.