by openiotkunz

Temperature in Room S021

by ssjo

Arduino temperature monitoring

by kriedel

Temperaturen und Luftfeuchte zu Hause

by normanr

The CurrentCost meter in my town house in Sandymount, Ireland.

by krokus57

Odintsovo, Moscow region, Russia

by mauricem

Test raspberry pi/teensy data capture


by kwso888

A very simple temperature and relative humidity station built up by ESP8266 module running on NodeMCU and a very cheap DHT11 sensor. The whole system is powered by 3S Lipo battery.

by pnil


by StewieT

Temperature sensors by RFM12 nodes and DS18B20 1-wire sensors

by jdiazrozo

Prototipo Sensor Arduino Nano + ESP 8266... pruebas de calibraciĆ³n.

by chrismendes

A channel for monitoring power usage. Recently hooked to the main line coming into the property.

by marciolm

Sensor IoT com apenas um processador ESP8266 e um sensor de temperatura DS18b20

by DzikuVx

Current weather condition for Szczecin, Poland

by sduenasv

Ecuador, sampling every 5 min