by matterlobby

This channel provides weather data in Schmitten-Oberreifenberg, Germany (672m above sea level)

by luczky

Kotlownia w folwarku Badowo

by StewieT

Temperature sensors by RFM12 nodes and DS18B20 1-wire sensors

by rw950431

Scraping temperature readings off the weather bureau site using nodered

by f0rd.prefect

myWeatherstation, located in Karlsruhe/Germany (using equipment: Hardware: Raspberry Pi, COC from '', FHT80b and S300TH from ''; Software: FHEM on Raspbian - DEBIAN wheezy)

by kriedel

Temperaturen und Luftfeuchte zu Hause

by parbar

Temperature measurments in Ludvika, Sweden. Arduino Uno with ethernet shield. Outdoor sensor DS18B20, indoors DHT22.

by mbuchmann

WiFi Temperature / Humidity Sensor Test

by k.dewaele

Lab temperatures, including cooling devices.

by ssjo

Arduino temperature monitoring

by ssjo

Temperature log Byastugan Lainejaur

by chrismendes

A channel for monitoring power usage. Recently hooked to the main line coming into the property.

by asimowalk

ESP8266 module sending data from an Arduino Uno which gets readings from a photoresistor and a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.

by brobild

Weather at Öresundsbron