by hemdanw

MathWorks Weather Station, West Garage, Natick, MA 01760, USA

by dmogoruza

Testing ESP8266, DHT22, BMP180 & DS18B20

by ctrlman

My testing app with Arduino Uno, Ethernet shield and WLAN adapter.

by olewolf

Radiation level in Nørresundby, Denmark

by wattyka

Three DS18B20 on an ESP8266 running nodeMCU monitoring our oil central heating

by tyn

Arduino UNO, Ethernet shield W5100, 5x DS18B20 Powered by solar energy


by nhg1970

Temperature , humidity and pressure sensing with ESP8266 and sensors

by djash40

DJASH Arduino Temp Sensors. Custom Charts can be found here:

by krokus57

Odintsovo, Moscow region, Russia

by openiotkunz

Temperature in Room S021

by Mazda 121 EV

Battery Management data from my electric vehicle conversion of a 1996 Mazda 121 Bubble.

by normanr

The CurrentCost meter in my town house in Sandymount, Ireland.

by olewolf

Outdoor temperature and barometric pressure in northern Nørresundby, Denmark