by ram

Arduino with temperature and humidity sensors

by rsnw

Temperature and Humidity located in Germany (BY). Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield CH1 : DS18B20 CH2 : DHT22 Temp CH3 : DHT22 Hum

by mtibi75

ESP8266-07 wifi module (NodeMCU 20150311_float) with DHT22, BMP180 and BH1750 sensors.

by Licotherm

Provoz automatického kotle Licothem 24. Sledování pomocí LAN Controlleru a čidel teploty DS18B20. Kotel je spínán pouze dle výstupní kotlové teploty.

by Meilhaus

Hier wird die Temperatur in eines unserer Serverräume gemessen. Unter Finden Sie mehr Infos zum Logger.

by olewolf

Radiation level in Nørresundby, Denmark

by andycap

Single 250w solar panel connected to 350w grid tie inverter. Measuring done with Arduino Mega 2650 and Ethernet Shield to directly connect to ThingSpeak. sampled 100 times per second and then averaged for per second monitoring but 30 sec update to here.

by Richster64

Monitoring the office CO2 with a K30 CO2 sensor and a DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor hooked up to an Arduino and ESP8266 WiFi Module. Also DS18B20 sensors in the fridge and freezer.

by Ivanka78

ESP8266 + BMP180 + DHT22 + DS18B20

by prayalone

My Garden System Log

by kropbj

Aggregate data gathered from esp8266 with dht22 sensor in basement.

by wanderingmoose

ESP8266 DS18B20 using nodemcu FW following these instructions:

by antunesjaime

REDE DE ESTAÇÕES METEOROLÓGICAS AUTOMÁTICAS DIDÁTICAS EXPERIMENTAIS Este projeto consiste em uma rede de estações meteorológicas automáticas, instaladas em escolas públicas do Distrito Federal, visando o monitoramento de alguns fatores climáticos locais.

by MelihKa

Instant weather data from Canterbury,UK