by mozono

Canal de prueba de sensores e Internet de las Cosas

by Jolv

Soil humidity (tension) is measured in a pot with plants (Tradescantia fluminensis). The tensiometer is made with parts from Blumat, Austria and an Arduino connected to PC. See the 'More Information' tab to the right.

by jokuonvaan

Paljärven veden lämpötilatietoja, valoisuus ja ilmanpaine. Ilmanpainetta ei ole korjattu merenpinnan tasolle, kuten yleensä sääasemilla ilmoitettu ilmanpaine on korjattu.

by leorrr

Medida de temperatura ambiente con sensor ds18b20, conectado a ESP 8266 01, envío de datos mediante protocolo mqtt a cliente python corriendo en Raspberry pi, el broker mqtt corre tambien sobre la Raspberry.

by Amaryllis

Live data from the Apollo Environmental Controller prototype by Amaryllis Development

by momer

Shows the power produced, consumed, battery stats, etc. monitored by a solar power inverter on our premises. More detail here:

by code_reaper26

Temperature and pressure data uploaded every after 30 seconds.

by agrotic.jualabs

Canal onde são mostrados os dados coletados pelos sensores TB4 e DHT11.

by acegrc

Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328 @ 3.3V 8M. ESP8266-01 WiFi Module. DHT21 (AM2301) Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module. Accuracy: 0.1 Measurement range: 0-100%RH Precision: ±3%RH. Temperature measurement range: -40℃ ~ +80℃. Precision: ±0.5℃

by Neurom

Sensor monitor by Neurom. Lectura: [Temp= 15 - 30.-] [Hum= 40 - 70.-] ||[Suelo= Regar:432.- Regado: <300.- Seco= >732.-] || [Luz= Optimo: 15><50.- Apagada: >700.-]


Sistema híbrido de generación para postes de iluminación de PROVIENTO. Aerogenerador industrial Rutland FM910-4, 2 x solar panels SIMAX SP140, 2x reflectores LEDs de 30W. Prototipo y estación meteorológica. Instalado en la Universidad Técnica de Ambato.

by pietervanharen

Temperature and humidity logging of our ICT office

by jvangorp

Power demand measurements from the BC Hydro meter at my house as relayed by the Rainforest Automation Eagle gateway.

by chrisumbel

hih6030-021-001 for temp and humidity. KP235 for barometer. PIC18F26K80 MCU (12-bit ADC)