by JohnBroderick

Solar Panel Watts from a 150 Watt solar panel in a west facing garden. UK

by jvangorp

Power demand measurements from the BC Hydro meter at my house as relayed by the Rainforest Automation Eagle gateway.

by nlatin

Virtualna stanica sa senzorom UV zračenja i senzorom temperature

by ezahrai

Current temperature, humidity and pressure at the NWCC Communication Tower in Prince Rupert, BC

by yuvoua

Pure ESP8266 LUA based IoT

by jourdant

Holds data forwarded on from Azure to show on a dashboard.

by ag1t

Campbell Scientific CR6 datalogger at my QTH (residence). This logger is parsing data from a Davis weather station. The logger also takes other weather measurements inside the garage and in the lawn and controls various other devices.

by luczky

Kotlownia w folwarku Badowo

by wattyka

Three DS18B20 on an ESP8266 running nodeMCU monitoring our oil central heating

by jdiazrozo

Prototipo Sensor Arduino Nano + ESP 8266... pruebas de calibración.

by kryten2x4b

Temperature monitoring at home and work using RPi and temp sensors

by cleeve

Weather Station, Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, UK

by ducati24h

Esta es mi prueba con ESP8266 y dos DHT22