by Licotherm

Provoz automatického kotle Licothem 24. Sledování pomocí LAN Controlleru a čidel teploty DS18B20. Kotel je spínán pouze dle výstupní kotlové teploty.

by rsnw

Temperature and Humidity located in Germany (BY). Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield CH1 : DS18B20 CH2 : DHT22 Temp CH3 : DHT22 Hum

by commsec

EuComm DINO-YUN Channel

by StewieT

Temperature sensors by RFM12 nodes and DS18B20 1-wire sensors

by lukas12p

Weather station readings (outside)

by chrismendes

A channel for monitoring power usage. Recently hooked to the main line coming into the property.

by olewolf

Radiation level in Nørresundby, Denmark

by ducati24h

Esta es mi prueba con ESP8266 y dos DHT22

by prayalone

My Garden System Log

by azaroth

Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield + DHT22

by erick_walker

Teste de temperatura de Shelter WOMER com AR CONDICIONADO utilizando um transmissor rohde schwarz de 250W

by DzikuVx

Current weather condition for Szczecin, Poland