by tyn

Arduino UNO, Ethernet shield W5100, 5x DS18B20


by luczky

Kotlownia w folwarku Badowo

by palbeda

Environmental readings in the City of Gouda, The Netherlands. Collected with a Raspberry Pi

by mbuchmann

WiFi Temperature / Humidity Sensor Test

by djash40

DJASH Arduino Temp Sensors. Custom Charts can be found here:

by maldasoft

Zkušební měření teploty v dílně a venku.

by StewieT

Temperature sensors by RFM12 nodes and DS18B20 1-wire sensors

by Katzworld

ESP8266 + DHT22 (NO-nodemcu, NO-arduino !) Hand Built UGLY Style ver 0.0.8a LCD MaksMS

by ctrlman

My testing app with Arduino Uno, Ethernet shield and WLAN adapter.

by Dosmandan

Temperature, soil moisture, watering

by wasmitschmidt

House automation with Z-Wave and Indigo for Mac.