by kryten2x4b

Temperature monitoring at home and work using RPi and temp sensors

by hemdanw

MathWorks Weather Station, West Garage, Natick, MA 01760, USA

by wasmitschmidt

House automation with Z-Wave and Indigo for Mac.


by mbuchmann

WiFi Temperature / Humidity Sensor Test

by StewieT

Temperature sensors by RFM12 nodes and DS18B20 1-wire sensors

by spumanti

Outdoor temperature updated every 5 minutes by a PowerShell script. Data is read from Yahoo weather RSS feed and DMI local weather forecast.

by Masoftich

ESP8266, BMP180, DHT-22, No MCU,

by tyn

Arduino UNO, Ethernet shield W5100, 5x DS18B20 Powered by solar energy