by xpiolx

Single ESP8266-01 with DHT11

by hatziliontos

Biological treatment 3phase amperage, rotating sedimentation bridges, measurements taken from a efergy elite module, Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece

by react9

Temperature and Humidity Data via/ ESP8266 NodeMCU and DHT11

by jwosnick

Temperature and humidity monitoring at home

by ncrosty

Well pump cycles and in home line pressure.

by slamdw

Two fields for temperature sensors

by deow8500

Conso Elec Estevelles Dams

by gogoo

8 x 240W solar panels Schutten and 2 kW direct DC water heater

by TweakBoY

Temperatur & Luftfuktighet i Bäck

by herrtien

cty 3C TPHCM

by mira9

Inp2 a Inp4, firmware 3.03

by ibeaconlivinglab

Lora enabled Glimworm iBeacon installed as part of the Amsterdam Ibeacon and IoT Living Lab