by aaronneal

Recording the office temperature with a DS18B20 connected to an ESP8266. Data flows from mqtt on the ESP8266 through an MQTT server being monitored by node-red and pushed to thingspeak.

by Roebuj

Left Side Attic Temp.

by E. Legler


by Eurisko

Temperature of my living room, as measured by a Twine. Updated every 5 minutes. Uses a bash script to pull data and update, and React to push notifications via Airgram.

by jaapdubbelaar

Humidity in my room...

by jaapdubbelaar

Temperatuurverloop in mijn kamer...

by luczky

Projekt pomiaru temperatur domowych.

by fuca

UsbTemp , HddTemp , cpu ,mem

by CzarnyGron

Temperatura na armatce

by neway722

Test channel for DWuino temp/humidity sensor

by dmg244

Kafe temp and pressure

by kulgan

Consommation Electique