by powerware

Temperature & Humidity measured with Raspberry Pi. (DT22/AM2302 sensor)

by tengelhardt

Innen- und Außentemperatur

by jderson

Anderson weather station, Olathe,KS

by luminaric

My Humidor

by msk

0 = zkrat, 30 = slať, 330 = Sahara, 1024 = vytažená sonda

by digitalmind

Condizioni ambientali sala server RSA Casa Famiglia di Solferino

by lars.pilot

Built to monitor my home heating system

by digitalmind

Condizioni ambientali sala server Antares Vision

by gigi

Dati Cisterna SZ

by didipod

Klimat i växthus.

by fvdomotics

Smartthings Channel to gather information from my house

by CastProducts

Various twine devices measuring stuff

by svato1979

Real time data from an Arduino Nano V3.0 to which a Humidity & Temperature sensor (DHT22 ) a Barometric pressure sensor (BMP180) and a LDR are connected. Data are processed from the microcontroller and send via a ESP8266 transceiver to the ThingSpeak web

by chisholm

An ESP8266-01 running NodeMCU connected to a DS18B20 temp sensor.