by vanne

Wireless temperature measurements with XRF + thermistor.

by rh34960

Home Energy Use

by pnyeso

Futes adatok

by svwhisper

Weather station #1

by healthyfatboy

Compare temperature measurements from the SmartThings API sent data, Python script that grabs raw data from SmartThings, and a dedicated temperature sensor on an Electric Imp Hannah dev board.

by fpirot

Consommation du chauffage

by kulgan

Consommation Electique

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Komputerek sterujacy praca kotlowni

by pharri1031

6500 Gallon Tank, 124" diameter, 315cm Fill height, Gals per cm = 20.638 8/28 Changed to Maxbotix type sensor module

by pharri1031

3000 Gallon Tank 96" Diameter Gals per cm = 12.303.

by nicolaspetit59

Mesure de la Température