Send sensor data privately to the cloud.

There are sensors all around—in our homes, smart phones, automobiles, city infrastructure, and industrial equipment. Sensors detect and measure information on all sorts of things like temperature, humidity, and pressure. And they communicate that data in some form, such as a numerical value or electrical signal.

Why would you want to collect data in ThingSpeak?

Sensors, or things, sense data and typically act locally. ThingSpeak enables sensors, instruments, and websites to send data to the cloud where it is stored in either a private or a public channel. ThingSpeak stores data in private channels by default, but public channels can be used to share data with others. Once data is in a ThingSpeak channel, you can analyze and visualize it, calculate new data, or interact with social media, web services, and other devices.

Analyze and visualize your data with MATLAB.

Storing data in the cloud provides easy access to your data. Using online analytical tools, you can explore and visualize data. You can discover relationships, patterns, and trends in data. You can calculate new data. And you can visualize it in plots, charts, and gauges.

Why would you want to analyze and visualize data in ThingSpeak?

ThingSpeak provides access to MATLAB to help you make sense of data. You can:
  • Convert, combine, and calculate new data
  • Schedule calculations to run at certain times
  • Visually understand relationships in data using built-in plotting functions
  • Combine data from multiple channels to build a more sophisticated analysis


Trigger a reaction.

Acting on data could be something as simple receiving a tweet when the temperature you are measuring goes above 70° F. Or you could set up a more intricate action such as turning on a motor when the water level in your water tank drops below a specified limit. You can even remotely control devices, such as battery-operated door locks, using the TalkBack app.

Why would you want to use ThingSpeak to act on data?

ThingSpeak provides tools that enable device communication for all of these actions and more. You can:
  • React to data—both raw data and new data that you calculate—as it comes into a channel
  • Queue up commands for a device to execute