Solar System Monitoring

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Monitoring of a solar installation with 24V 330W panel, Tracer4210AN MPPT controller, 12V 138Ah battery and 12V 1000W inverter (connected to load terminal). Used STM32F103 to decode controller data and get inverter current and SIM808 GPRS module to commun
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Field 1 Chart
Solar Panel Voltage
Field 2 Chart
Solar Panel Current
Field 3 Chart
Battery/Load Voltage
Field 4 Chart
Battery Current
Field 5 Chart
Load Current
Field 7 Chart
Energy Generated (Solar Panel)
Field 8 Chart
Energy Consumed (Load)
Field 6 Chart
Battery Temperature
Solar System Power (last day)
Generated vs consumed (last 30 days)
Generated vs consumed monthly
Generated vs consumed annually
Energy generated monthly (from 2020)
Energy consumed monthly (from 2020)