ThingSpeak for Smart Farming

Smart Farming is farming management that uses data technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of farm output. ThingSpeak™ provides data ingestion and storage for your agricultural sensors and controls. Then you can use MATLAB® in ThingSpeak to build the algorithms that make your farm smarter. 

  • See instant visualizations of data posted by your devices or equipment such as live soil moisture data or crop heath information
  • Perform online analysis and data processing with live data, and see automatic visualizations
  • Build Internet of Things (IoT) systems at your location without setting up servers or developing web software
A researcher crouched over a row of plants using a sensor to measure some attribute of crops on a farm..

Using IoT to increase yield.

Smart Farming and Smart Agriculture

ThingSpeak enables you to work with agricultural data from devices such as weather stations and moisture sensors.

Communicate with ThingSpeak using:

Plot of growing degree days versus time with predicted harvest time for corn planted March 1, 2020 identified by a red circle.

Predicted corn harvest time for crops planted March 1, 2020.

Use Live Data for Predictions

Build predictions with ThingSpeak in the MATLAB interface. Use data from your own sensors (stored in private channels) or public data (stored in public channels) to generate predictions and visualizations. The Growing Degree Days Public ThingSpeak channel shows harvest predictions for Corn planted in Natick MA, USA. Once they are created in ThingSpeak, you can share your analysis and visualizations.

Perform Advanced Analysis and Visualization

ThingSpeak always runs the latest version of MATLAB  so you can process your cloud data in MATLAB.

Swarm chart plot showing wind speed measurements grouped in vertical columns for each hour of the day. The
                   width of the column at a given height relates to the number of values at that y-axis range. Measurements come
                    from the weather station on the parking garage at the MathWorks headquarters.

Generate custom complex or simple visualizations of your real-world data.


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Standard license for commercial use, 30-day evaluation period

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