ThingSpeak for Energy Monitoring

Use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor and understand your energy use. Energy IoT can help you meet your operational efficiency targets when you store and analyze your sensor data in ThingSpeak™. 

  • See instant visualizations of energy data posted from your sensors
  • Execute MATLAB® code in ThingSpeak, perform online analysis and data processing with live data, and see automatic visualizations
  • Build IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software

For small- to medium-sized IoT systems, ThingSpeak provides a hosted solution that you can use in production.

Photograph of solar panel installation being inspected by engineers.

Monitor energy use and consumption to increase efficiency and investigate consumption patterns.

Derive Insights from Your Energy Data

ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service from MathWorks®, the makers of MATLAB and Simulink®. 

  • Create live energy analysis to increase energy use efficiency
  • Provide continuous measurement of consumption
  • Apply advanced analytics from MATLAB to your energy data, including machine learning and statistical models
Swarm chart plot showing wind speed measurements grouped in vertical columns for each hour of the day. The width of the column at a given height relates to the number of values at that y-axis range. Measurements come from the weather station on the parking garage at the MathWorks headquarters.

Generate custom complex or simple visualizations of your real-world data.

Perform Advanced Analysis and Visualization

ThingSpeak always runs the latest version of MATLAB  so you can process your cloud data in MATLAB.

Interact with ThingSpeak through MATLAB

You can import your ThingSpeak data into MATLAB for advanced processing or to build interactive apps. Use the resources below to get started.


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