ThingSpeak for Students and Educators

The Internet of Things (IoT) in education includes data storage, processing, and data visualization. ThingSpeak™ has a simple interface that makes it easy to learn cloud analytics and teach IoT. Then use ThingSpeak communities to provide support for your cloud education curriculum. ThingSpeak also supports and integrates with Arduino®, RPI, and other hardware. 

  • See instant visualizations of data posted by your devices or equipment
  • Execute MATLAB® code in ThingSpeak, perform online analysis and data processing with live data, and see automatic visualizations
  • Build IoT systems without setting up servers or developing web software
Student programming with ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and hardware.

Use ThingSpeak to collect data for your student projects, then share your analysis and visualizations in the cloud.

Teach IoT with ThingSpeak

ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service from MathWorks®, the makers of MATLAB and Simulink®. Major universities across the globe, such as India, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Columbia, and many more, use ThingSpeak to teach IoT.

Learn how University of California, Davis uses ThingSpeak to improve the online learning curriculum.

World map showing global ThingSpeak activity for a small snapshot in time.

ThingSpeak traffic across the globe.

A group of students or researchers are having a discussion while standing in front of a window

Combine the internet of things with the internet of people in one of four different MATLAB central communities.

Leverage ThingSpeak Active Communities

Use MATLAB, Simulink, and ThingSpeak communities to discuss and share your work. Get new ideas for learning or teaching material in these communities:

Perform Advanced Analysis and Visualization

ThingSpeak always runs the latest version of MATLAB so you can process your cloud data in MATLAB.

Swarm chart plot showing wind speed measurements grouped in vertical columns for each hour of the day. The width of the column at a given height relates to the number of values at that y-axis range. Measurements come from the weather station on the parking garage at the MathWorks headquarters.

Generate custom complex or simple visualizations of your real-world data.

Students in class looking at desktop computers.

Students can utilize several license options for ThingSpeak.

ThingSpeak License Options

  • Free: Education-related use, which includes limited messages, channels, and update rate
  • Student: Low-cost student license option includes faster updates compared to the free license
  • Academic: License for classes, researchers, or groups of researchers with larger channel limits
  • Standard: Commercial use

Libraries for Arduino and Particle Devices

Use supported libraries to help your devices interact with ThingSpeak, including:

A microprocessor development board connected to an ultrasonic range sensor in a solderless breadboard. The microprocessor is connected to a USB cable for power and programming.

ThingSpeak libraries support many popular IoT boards.


ThingSpeak Licenses

Standard license for commercial use, 30-day evaluation period

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