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WindSpeed display

This display board is dedicated to the late + great Chris Mohn.........................A large format (1.2x0.8m) 2 digit 7 segment display used to give kite boarders the current wind speed. The display is run from some custom electronics and a Raspberry P

Power Meter

Prototype energy meter (10 bit A/D) containing a PIC micro + WiFi sending the following params. Irms, Vrms, Power, Total Kw/h, Frequency, Temperature, Humidity. Coming soon. Power factor, 3 channel Irms, 12 bit A/D. Accuracy +/- 2% Power Meter, power factor, RMS, wifi, Kw/h, voltage, esp8266, kW, Wireless, amp, watt, energy monitoring, energy, Power, power monitoring, monitoring, Solar, wind, Home, volts, amps

Water Meter - Ray

R+R Water leak detector

Smart Cooler

Test setup for Nassim