Academic License

ThingSpeak academic licenses are for academic research and teaching. Pricing is based on the number of channels required and on a count of messages to be processed and stored in a one-year period. ThingSpeak is available as a free service for small non-commercial academic projects (<3 million messages/year or ~REPLACE_FREE_MESSAGES_PER_DAY messages/day) with limits on certain features. For larger projects and for expanded limits, an academic license is available. See the table and Pricing Calculator below for details. ThingSpeak is bought in units, where one unit allows 33 million messages to be processed and stored in a one-year period (~REPLACE_PAID_MESSAGES_PER_DAY messages/day). One unit (academic license type) also provides the ability to create a create up to 250 channels on ThingSpeak. See Licensing FAQ for more details.

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Why Buy a Academic License?

With an academic license, you can send more data to ThingSpeak, and you can update ThingSpeak as fast as once per second. Using the MATLAB apps built into ThingSpeak, you can develop custom visualizations of your data and schedule analytics to run on your sensor data as it is passed to ThingSpeak. You also have access to live technical support, private channel sharing and MQTT subscriptions.
Connect more sensors

Connect more sensors

Share channels

Share channel views with colleagues and students

Update channels at faster rates

Faster update rates

Extended compute times for analytics

Extended compute time for analytics

Live tech support

Live tech support



For small non-commercial projects


For academic use by faculty, staff, or researchers at degree-granting institutions(1)

Scalable for larger projects

No. Annual usage is capped.

Number of messages

3 million/year
33 million/year per unit

Message update interval limit

Every 15 seconds Every second

Number of channels

4 250 per unit

MATLAB Compute Timeout

20 seconds 60 seconds

Private channel sharing

Limited to 3 shares Unlimited

Technical Support

Community Support Standard MathWorks support

Max image size

Image feature unavailable

5 MB

Messages used per image

(1)Not for government, commercial or other organizational use.
(2)Based on constant update rate.

Pricing calculator

How many channels?*

How often will they collect data?

Calculated Message Use**

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Maximum number of channels allowed: 

* Typically one channel per device
** Assumes constant message rate


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