Plugins are way to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to display custom visualizations and controls on the private view of a channel.

Plugin Example

Display a Google Gauge Visualization using ThingSpeak Plugins

Create a Plugin

  1. Select Apps › Plugins.
  2. Click New to create a new plugin.
  3. Select a JavaScript Template.
    • Custom: Use to create a plugin with no starter code.
    • Chart With Multiple Series: Use to create a chart with a series for each field in your channel. Modify the code to add your requirements.
    • Google Gauge: Use to create a Google gauge on the ThingSpeak platform. Modify the Google gauge code to display your custom gauge.
  4. Click Create.

Plugin Options

  • Name: Enter a name.
  • HTML: Enter HTML code.
  • CSS: Enter CSS styles.
  • JavaScript: Enter JavaScript code.
  • Save: Click to save the plugin.
  • Delete: Click to delete the plugin.
  • My Channels: This tab displays this information about your saved channels:
    • Channel name
    • Channel ID
    • Write and Read API Keys
    • Channel fields
  • New Channel: Click to create a new channel.

Response in: TEXTJSONXML

List My Plugins

To view a list of your Plugins, send an HTTP GET to .

Valid parameters:
  • api_key (string) - Your Account API Key, which can be found in your Account settings. (required)


The response is a webpage with a list of your Plugins.
The response is a JSON object of your Plugins, for example:
      "id": 8,
      "name": "google gauge",
      "created_at": "2014-01-05T16:35:26-05:00",
      "public_flag": false,
      "username": "hans",
      "url": ""
      "id": 13,
      "name": "Plugin 13",
      "created_at": "2014-10-09T14:45:31-04:00",
      "public_flag": false,
      "username": "hans",
      "url": ""
The response is an XML object of your Plugins, for example:
    <current-page type="WillPaginate::PageNumber">1</current-page>
    <per-page type="integer">15</per-page>
    <total-entries type="integer">2</total-entries>
  <plugins type="array">
      <id type="integer">8</id>
      <name>google gauge</name>
      <created-at type="dateTime">2014-01-05T16:35:26-05:00</created-at>
      <public-flag type="boolean">false</public-flag>
      <id type="integer">13</id>
      <name>Plugin 13</name>
      <created-at type="dateTime">2014-10-09T14:45:31-04:00</created-at>
      <public-flag type="boolean">false</public-flag>