Getting Started

ThingSpeak Basics

ThingSpeak is an application platform for the Internet of Things. Using ThingSpeak you can build an application around data collected by sensors.

Features of ThingSpeak include:

  • Time series data collection
  • Data analytics using MATLAB®
  • MATLAB visualizations
  • Apps
  • Plugins

Use the ThingSpeak channel to send and store data.

Each channel has:

  • Eight fields that can hold any type of data.
  • Three location fields.
  • One status field.

After you create a ThingSpeak channel you can publish data to the channel, have ThingSpeak process the data, and then have your application retrieve the data.

Here is a live demo of a light sensor publishing data to ThingSpeak:

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things enables you to collect, analyze, and act on data from things. Things are either sensors or actuators. Sensors are devices that inform us about our environment. Think of a temperature sensor, or even the GPS receiver on your mobile phone. Actuators are something that you want to control, things like thermostats, lights, pumps, and outlets. The Internet of Things brings everything together and allows us to interact with our things. For example, you could have your thermostat control itself based on where you are located.

Using ThingSpeak you can:

ThingSpeak Tutorial

The ThingSpeak and MATLAB Tutorial shows how to collect data from a source, analyze the data in MATLAB, and act on the data based on the results of the analysis.

ThingSpeak API Quick Start

  1. Sign Up for a ThingSpeak account
  2. Go to Channels, and click New Channel
  3. Complete the channel settings, and click Save Channel.
  4. Update your Channel via URL:
  5. View your Channel feed:

ThingSpeak API

The ThingSpeak API is available on GitHub and includes the complete ThingSpeak API for processing HTTP requests, storing numeric and alphanumeric data, numeric data processing, location tracking, and status updates. The open source version follows the same documentation as the ThingSpeak hosted service.


Please post your questions, comments, and feature requests in the ThingSpeak Forum.

HTTP Headers

If you would like to reduce the number of HTTP headers sent by our application, please add the parameter headers=false to any HTTP request.

API keys can optionally be sent via HTTP headers by setting the header name to THINGSPEAKAPIKEY and the header value to the API key.

Time Zones Reference

Time zones can be specified for any request by adding the timezone parameter with a value corresponding to any identifier found below. Identifier names are case-sensitive, and should be URL-encoded in HTTP GET requests, for example:


The most common time zone identifiers are listed below. ThingSpeak supports all IANA Time Zone Database identifers; a human-readable list is also available.

Identifier Description Current Offset
Pacific/Midway International Date Line West, Midway Island UTC -11:00
Pacific/Pago_Pago American Samoa UTC -11:00
Pacific/Honolulu Hawaii UTC -10:00
America/Juneau Alaska UTC -08:00
America/Los_Angeles Pacific Time (US & Canada) UTC -07:00
America/Phoenix Arizona UTC -07:00
America/Tijuana Tijuana UTC -07:00
America/Denver Mountain Time (US & Canada) UTC -06:00
America/Chihuahua Chihuahua UTC -06:00
America/Mazatlan Mazatlan UTC -06:00
America/Regina Saskatchewan UTC -06:00
America/Guatemala Central America UTC -06:00
America/Mexico_City Guadalajara, Mexico City UTC -05:00
America/Monterrey Monterrey UTC -05:00
America/Chicago Central Time (US & Canada) UTC -05:00
America/Lima Lima, Quito UTC -05:00
America/Bogota Bogota UTC -05:00
America/Indiana/Indianapolis Indiana (East) UTC -04:00
America/New_York Eastern Time (US & Canada) UTC -04:00
America/Guyana Georgetown UTC -04:00
America/La_Paz La Paz UTC -04:00
America/Caracas Caracas UTC -04:30
America/Santiago Santiago UTC -03:00
America/Halifax Atlantic Time (Canada) UTC -03:00
America/Sao_Paulo Brasilia UTC -03:00
America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires Buenos Aires UTC -03:00
America/Montevideo Montevideo UTC -02:00
America/St_Johns Newfoundland UTC -02:30
America/Godthab Greenland UTC -02:00
Atlantic/South_Georgia Mid-Atlantic UTC -02:00
Atlantic/Cape_Verde Cape Verde Is. UTC -01:00
Etc/UTC UTC UTC +00:00
Atlantic/Azores Azores UTC +00:00
Africa/Monrovia Monrovia UTC +00:00
Europe/Lisbon Lisbon UTC +01:00
Africa/Casablanca Casablanca UTC +01:00
Europe/London Edinburgh, London UTC +01:00
Europe/Dublin Dublin UTC +01:00
Africa/Algiers West Central Africa UTC +01:00
Europe/Skopje Skopje UTC +02:00
Europe/Budapest Budapest UTC +02:00
Europe/Ljubljana Ljubljana UTC +02:00
Europe/Prague Prague UTC +02:00
Europe/Sarajevo Sarajevo UTC +02:00
Europe/Bratislava Bratislava UTC +02:00
Europe/Warsaw Warsaw UTC +02:00
Europe/Zagreb Zagreb UTC +02:00
Europe/Brussels Brussels UTC +02:00
Europe/Copenhagen Copenhagen UTC +02:00
Europe/Madrid Madrid UTC +02:00
Europe/Paris Paris UTC +02:00
Europe/Amsterdam Amsterdam UTC +02:00
Europe/Berlin Berlin, Bern UTC +02:00
Europe/Rome Rome UTC +02:00
Europe/Stockholm Stockholm UTC +02:00
Europe/Vienna Vienna UTC +02:00
Africa/Harare Harare UTC +02:00
Africa/Johannesburg Pretoria UTC +02:00
Africa/Cairo Cairo UTC +02:00
Europe/Belgrade Belgrade UTC +02:00
Europe/Kiev Kyiv UTC +03:00
Europe/Riga Riga UTC +03:00
Europe/Sofia Sofia UTC +03:00
Europe/Tallinn Tallinn UTC +03:00
Asia/Tehran Tehran UTC +03:30
Europe/Athens Athens UTC +03:00
Europe/Istanbul Istanbul UTC +03:00
Europe/Minsk Minsk UTC +03:00
Asia/Jerusalem Jerusalem UTC +03:00
Europe/Helsinki Helsinki UTC +03:00
Europe/Bucharest Bucharest UTC +03:00
Europe/Moscow Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd UTC +03:00
Asia/Kuwait Kuwait UTC +03:00
Asia/Riyadh Riyadh UTC +03:00
Africa/Nairobi Nairobi UTC +03:00
Asia/Baghdad Baghdad UTC +03:00
Europe/Vilnius Vilnius UTC +03:00
Asia/Muscat Abu Dhabi, Muscat UTC +04:00
Asia/Kabul Kabul UTC +04:30
Asia/Tbilisi Tbilisi UTC +04:00
Asia/Yerevan Yerevan UTC +04:00
Asia/Yekaterinburg Ekaterinburg UTC +05:00
Asia/Baku Baku UTC +05:00
Asia/Karachi Islamabad, Karachi UTC +05:00
Asia/Colombo Sri Jayawardenepura UTC +05:30
Asia/Kolkata Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi UTC +05:30
Asia/Kathmandu Kathmandu UTC +05:45
Asia/Tashkent Tashkent UTC +05:00
Asia/Dhaka Astana, Dhaka UTC +06:00
Asia/Almaty Almaty UTC +06:00
Asia/Urumqi Urumqi UTC +06:00
Asia/Rangoon Rangoon UTC +06:30
Asia/Novosibirsk Novosibirsk UTC +06:00
Asia/Jakarta Jakarta UTC +07:00
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk UTC +07:00
Asia/Bangkok Bangkok, Hanoi UTC +07:00
Asia/Chongqing Chongqing UTC +08:00
Asia/Hong_Kong Hong Kong UTC +08:00
Asia/Shanghai Beijing UTC +08:00
Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Kuala Lumpur UTC +08:00
Asia/Singapore Singapore UTC +08:00
Asia/Taipei Taipei UTC +08:00
Asia/Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar UTC +08:00
Asia/Irkutsk Irkutsk UTC +08:00
Australia/Perth Perth UTC +08:00
Asia/Seoul Seoul UTC +09:00
Asia/Tokyo Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo UTC +09:00
Asia/Yakutsk Yakutsk UTC +09:00
Australia/Darwin Darwin UTC +09:30
Australia/Adelaide Adelaide UTC +10:30
Asia/Magadan Magadan UTC +10:00
Asia/Vladivostok Vladivostok UTC +10:00
Australia/Brisbane Brisbane UTC +10:00
Pacific/Guam Guam UTC +10:00
Pacific/Port_Moresby Port Moresby UTC +10:00
Australia/Hobart Hobart UTC +11:00
Australia/Sydney Sydney UTC +11:00
Australia/Melbourne Canberra, Melbourne UTC +11:00
Pacific/Noumea New Caledonia UTC +11:00
Pacific/Guadalcanal Solomon Is. UTC +11:00
Pacific/Fiji Fiji UTC +12:00
Pacific/Majuro Marshall Is. UTC +12:00
Asia/Kamchatka Kamchatka UTC +12:00
Pacific/Auckland Auckland, Wellington UTC +13:00
Pacific/Tongatapu Nuku'alofa UTC +13:00
Pacific/Chatham Chatham Is. UTC +13:45
Pacific/Fakaofo Tokelau Is. UTC +13:00
Pacific/Apia Samoa UTC +14:00
If both the offset and timezone parameters are present, offset will be ignored in favor of the more accurate timezone parameter.