by JDT

Solar water heating system. 30 x 58mm evacuated tubes, facing south. 180l tank. Sussex, UK. The tank is also heated by a woodstove, oil boiler or by electric immersion heater.

by chrisjmears

Prototype differential Solar Controller created by Chris Mears, UK

by msexauer

Monitor der PV Anlage Speicherung der Wetterdaten von für Cloudiness, Temperatur und WetterId und Wetterbeschreibung in den Channel Status WetterId Bedeutung siehe

by andycap

Single 250w solar panel connected to 350w grid tie inverter. Measuring done with Arduino Uno and ESP8266 to directly connect to ThingSpeak. Per second monitoring but 5 minute updates to here.

by vchrisr

Solar panels at Jonkerbos zoetermeer, Netherlands