by q2pilot

Solar Power Monitoring, well that and most of the other energy consumption in a typical house. Mostly I was interested in how my 1160W of solar panels was working.

by chrisjmears

Prototype differential Solar Controller created by Chris Mears, UK

by TRudolphi

solar energy monitoring with an ESP8266 with 2 times a soladin 600 Mastervolt inverter.

by JDT

Solar water heating system. 30 x 58mm evacuated tubes, facing south. 180l tank. Sussex, UK. The tank is also heated by a woodstove, oil boiler or by electric immersion heater.

by momer

Shows the power produced, consumed, battery stats, etc. monitored by a solar power inverter on our premises. More detail here:

by rayellam

Data sent to IOT via a prototype MK1 power meter containing a PIC18F24J50 + WiFi. This has the following params. Current RMS, Voltage RMS, Power Kw, Run time, Frequency. Coming soon. Power factor, Temperature, Humidity, makes the tea.

by xtralean

Solar Powered Weather Station

by andycap

Single 250w solar panel connected to 350w grid tie inverter. Measuring done with Arduino Mega 2650 and Ethernet Shield to directly connect to ThingSpeak. sampled 100 times per second and then averaged for per second monitoring but 30 sec update to here.

by hayhurst

A 3 square metre evacuated tube solar hot water system mounted on a roof with 20deg inclination and South orientation.

by carlos.maziero

Temperature in 4 points of a solar water heating system in Curitiba Brazil. 8m2 surface, traditional cooper tubes closed-loop system, north-oriented, 40 degrees of inclination. Tank capacity: 450L.

by msexauer

Monitor der PV Anlage Speicherung der Wetterdaten von für Cloudiness, Temperatur und WetterId und Wetterbeschreibung in den Channel Status WetterId Bedeutung siehe

by bluestreak

This is the same idea as my other temperature and humidity sensor but this one uses an ESP8266 wifi module, powered from a single 18650 battery over night and charged during the day by solar. It is also located outside

by maly.japonec

Záznam stavu solárního ohřevu vody 300 litrového zásobníku se 2 výměníky. Kolektor je 30 vákuových trubic. Monitorovací aparatůra používá 2x ESP8266 + 6xDS18B20.

by thomasruch

Solar powered Electric Imp with AM2315