by konradio

Atmospheric Pressure Measurement with BMP085 on Raspberry Pi

by tsirogk

Case study raspberry pi connected as a water level meter. I use an SR04 ultrasonic sensor with an OLED 128X32 display.

by f0rd.prefect

myWeatherstation, located in Karlsruhe/Germany (using equipment: Hardware: Raspberry Pi, COC from '', FHT80b and S300TH from ''; Software: FHEM on Raspbian - DEBIAN wheezy)

by oxidizer

DS18B20 (temp), HIH6130 (humidity), TSL2561 (light) sensors running on a Raspberry Pi, outside in Santa Cruz, CA

by oxidizer

Using the DS18B20 temp sensor and Raspberry Pi to monitor the temperature in our HPLC column oven.