by denker

Hier wird alle 5 Minuten das Wetter aus Langenhagen via eines Raspberry Pi gesendet

by denker

Anzahl der aktuell empfangenen Flugzeugtransponder in Hannover (Aktualisierung alle 5 min) via Raspberry Pi und DUMP1090

by konradio

Atmospheric Pressure Measurement with BMP085 on Raspberry Pi

by code_reaper26

Temperature and pressure data uploaded every after 30 seconds.

by RPiSpy

This channel shows temperature and pressure logged by Matt's Raspberry Pi and a BMP180 sensor.

by jefduncan1517

TMP36 Temperature Sensor, Photocell, Sparkfun Redboard (Arduino Clone), Raspberry Pi. The sensors are connected to the Redboard. The Raspberry Pi and Redboard talk to each other over I2C (Pi is the master). The Pi updates ThingSpeak.

by f0rd.prefect

myWeatherstation, located in Karlsruhe/Germany (using equipment: Hardware: Raspberry Pi, COC from '', FHT80b and S300TH from ''; Software: FHEM on Raspbian - DEBIAN wheezy)

by bonestm

Temperature and Humidity of CCTV DVR as Monitored by a Raspberry Pi.

by carterjon7

Using an arduino nano, a 433MHZ reciever, HC-06 Bluetooth serial bridge and a raspberry pi with bluetooth dongle, I created a datalogger for a Wal-Mart acurite outdoor thermometer.

by eamante

Temperature of the chip from my raspberry pi.

by lpaseen

Remote wireless sensor placed in garage It is a DHT22 sensor with an arduino pro mini and simple 315MHz transmitter. On the other end is an arduino with a receiver that sends data to a raspberry which then uploads it.

by carterjon7

Using a raspberry pi b+ GPIO pins and python I constructed a 15 sec updating feed from a DHT22 humidity sensor, and two DB20S18 temperature sensors to give an outside temperature and humidity and inside temperature every 15 seconds to Thingspeak

by mleonhart

Hamstometer is a pedometer for hamsters which measures and tracks their wheel rotations per unit time.