by avaldebe

DIY Air Quality (AQ) and Meteorological (MET) monitoring station

by acarsv

Temperatura e Pressão Atmosférica com Arduíno UNO + Ethernet Shield W5100 + Sensor BMP085 - em São Luis - MA

by teo_kan

Temperature, pressure and light, located in Montreal, Canada. Go to "More Information", at right, on this page. There is a radiation channel also: 9892. Take a look!.

by T1mbo

My very simple weather station in Chelyabinsk, Russia. I use Arduino Uno + Dragino Yun shield + DHT22+BMP180.

by sejl

Weather data from WS1080 weather station. Sampling time: 20s

by stefan.waldschmidt

pressure and temperature (inside) near Darmstadt, Germany - sensor: BMP180, IoT-device: ESP8266 (ESP-12) running a Sming-based application.

by cleeve

Weather Station, Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, UK

by erdevisa

Home made weather station project(under developement)

by RaspBerWie01

Environment inside of a living building, currently only pressure and temperature of the living room, located in Berlin (Germany)

by twpsyn

Arduino talking to ThingSpeak via an Electric Imp to track various environment sensors. The project is sitting on a southerly window sill, so it gets lots of light and probably the highest temperature in the place.

by vojta1

Temperature, humidity, dew point, dust density and atmospheric pressure data from my balcony

by dilanw

Home temperature, pressure and lux measurement channel in shade. Arduino Pro mini V3, ESP8266 Nodemcu, BHP180, BH1750FVI, DHT22. Yet to come: UV Index.

by mik

Pressure Data

by yaqwsx

First test of ESP8266 with NodeMCU firmware. Data are read from pressure sensor BMP085, humidity sensor DHT11, and temperature sensor DS18x20. Everything is powered with ATMEGA328p

by primemod3

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