by icserny

Temperature and relative humidity in the ESCA labor of MTA ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hardware: WR703N (OpenWRT) + PL2303 + MSP430G2452 + DH22 sensor

by mrq

Freezer-to-Frigidaire, ESP8266 powered freezer cell periodically shut down to stay within typical refrigerator temperature range (e.g. 2 to 5°C) A DHT22 inside the freezer is polled and a 5V and a cascaded BIG 220v SSR are switched accordingly.

by antunesjaime

REDE DE ESTAÇÕES METEOROLÓGICAS AUTOMÁTICAS DIDÁTICAS EXPERIMENTAIS Este projeto consiste em uma rede de estações meteorológicas automáticas, instaladas em escolas públicas do Distrito Federal, visando o monitoramento de alguns fatores climáticos locais,

by twpsyn

Arduino talking to ThingSpeak via an Electric Imp to track various environment sensors. The project is sitting on a southerly window sill, so it gets lots of light and probably the highest temperature in the place.

by parbar

Temperature measurments in Ludvika, Sweden. Arduino Uno with ethernet shield. Outdoor sensor DS18B20, indoors DHT22.

by asimowalk

ESP8266 module sending data from an Arduino Uno which gets readings from a photoresistor and a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.

by rsnw

Temperature and Humidity located in Germany (BY). Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield CH1 : DS18B20 CH2 : DHT22 Temp CH3 : DHT22 Hum

by jetcz

data from main unit sensors

by jwbr

Currentcost Energy / RFM12B Temp / Raspberry PI / ESP8266