by Francis

IoE, IoT, Measuring temperature with Arduino Mega, Ethernet Shield and DS18B20

by Nino_K

ZIRA Server Room Status - ArduinoUNO_R3 @ Test Drive in ZIRA Ltd. ServerRoom

by teo_kan

Radiation Level at: (lat) 45.506640, (long) -73.673600

by Ondra78

>CZ< Pokusný kanál Lipiny. Data ze čtyř čidel DS18B20. Jeden kanál, čtyři pole. >EN< The test channel from Lipiny, Czech Republic. Data from four sensors DS18B20. One channel, four fields.

by Notforyou23

Environment sensors in and around the house. Includes Anemometer, Barometric Pressure, Temp (in/out), Humidity (in/out), and Dew Point and my Sump pump liquid level. Using an Arduino Yun.

by AgriSoils

This public channel is for testing purpose only of all my set-ups. Random number generator by arduino and upload to via GPRS data from Adafruit FONA! Updating approximately every 2 minutes.

by pny

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor located in Link

by pny

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor located in Link

by wooduino Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

by twpsyn

Arduino talking to ThingSpeak via an Electric Imp to track various environment sensors. The project is sitting on a southerly window sill, so it gets lots of light and probably the highest temperature in the place.

by parbar

Temperature measurments in Ludvika, Sweden. Arduino Uno with ethernet shield. Outdoor sensor DS18B20, indoors DHT22.

by maldasoft

Zkušební měření teploty v dílně a venku.

by asimowalk

ESP8266 module sending data from an Arduino Uno which gets readings from a photoresistor and a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor.