Environmental conditions in my office. Uses the "IoT Weather station" design from the Fun with Arduino intermediate class

by Notforyou23

Environment sensors in and around the house. Includes Anemometer, Barometric Pressure, Temp (in/out), Humidity (in/out), and Dew Point and my Sump pump liquid level. Using an Arduino Yun.

by BigPapaStudios

Aquaponics Development system based on Arduino Pro Mini and Adafruit Wifi.

by Francis

IoE, IoT, Measuring temperature with Arduino Mega, Ethernet Shield and DS18B20

by BigPapaStudios

Aquaponics Development system based on Arduino Pro Mini and ESP8266 wifi.

by rmillereac

Prototype greenhouse monitor and control system. Monitors temp, rel humidity and light levels. Future plans include integration of mechanical controls to manage internal temperature.

by Ondra78

>CZ< Pokusný kanál Lipiny. Data ze čtyř čidel DS18B20. Jeden kanál, čtyři pole. >EN< The test channel from Lipiny, Czech Republic. Data from four sensors DS18B20. One channel, four fields.

by Jolv

A tensiometer for accurate measurement of soil humidity was based on some parts from Blumat (Austria) and a very sensitive pressure sensor.

by AgriSoils

This public channel is for testing purpose only. Soil moisture is read from the sensor and upload to via GPRS data. Updating approximately every 10 minutes.

by jarnoburger

Temperature and humidity with a DHT11 sensor on a arduino that sends this data over cmdMessenger to a c# winforms. And the winform sends it to thingspeak using JSON. Also made a brightness sensor..


Example channels from Fun with Arduino course

by icserny

Experimental channel running in the room of Pista. Hadware: MCP9700 analog thermometer + Arduino (Meduino) nano + ESP8266 WiFi

by pny

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor located in Link