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Weather at Öresundsbron

by alessio31183

SeReNo (SEnsor & REceiver NOde) is a multi-parametric sensor device that intelligently manages energy transfer from some renewable energy sources for perpetual operation without human intervention during air quality measurements

by jderson

Anderson weather station, Olathe,KS

by lars.pilot

Built to monitor my home heating system

by dlgrasmick

Temperature Test with a DS18B20 and a thermocouple;

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Condizioni ambientali sala server Antares Vision

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0 = zkrat, 30 = slať, 330 = Sahara, 1024 = vytažená sonda

by powerware

Temperature & Humidity measured with Raspberry Pi. (DT22/AM2302 sensor)

by chisholm

This is a DIY barometer built using an Arduino and BMP180 sensor. The data is sent using an ESP8266 WiFi module.

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Office environmental conditions

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Condizioni ambientali sala server RSA Casa Famiglia di Solferino

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No Description

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Temperature and atmospheric pressure in La Petite Camargue, 1897 Bouveret, Switzerland