by matjazk

temperature measuring with arduino uno, dht 11 sensor, ds18b20 sensor, flow meter, wifi module esp

by CastProducts

Various twine devices measuring stuff

by useless2u

Photon and dht22 without pull-ups

by Stoky

ESP8266 + DS18B20 + DS18B20

by jezersky

Muj prvni kanal - Arduino - Raspi

by alessio31183

SeReNo (SEnsor & REceiver NOde) is a multi-parametric sensor device that intelligently manages energy transfer from some renewable energy sources for perpetual operation without human intervention during air quality measurements

by JAQ

Chestnut Farm Bore Monitor

by geoazimut

Mesure du déplacement du glissement de terrain de la Lécherette (VD)

by Chzdanish

Minerva is my home. This channel will graph her environment, including temperature, humidity, and whatever else I can set up.

by jordachefl

West Africa - Maersk Endurer -TSL Office - Arduino based weatherstation reading Temperature (BMP180 sensor), Humidity (HIH4030 sensor), Pressure (BMP180 sensor) and calculating Dew Point.

by mal

Home environmentals

by Jagdflieger86

Environmental data of one greengouse

by Piumiu123

Picture of Indoor Environmental Quality station +Bluetooth +Thingspeak This Instructable describes an station to measure Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). This is a measure of comfort that is impacted by several factors such as indoor weather includin

by objarni

The temperature of my HP dv6 laptop.