by figslab

environmental data in our office

by sotram

s 0; 22,5; sv 45; 67,5; v 90; 112,5; jv 135; 157,5; j 180; 202,5; jz 225; 247,5; z 270; 292,5; sz 315; 337,5;

by kiciol


by chrismalyon

Power Consumption

by ecovolt

GOC-T Monitor with an electric imp

by hadidithingspeak

Channel for DHT.temperature and DHT.humidity

by hatziliontos

Home 1 phase electrical consumption, measurements taken from a efergy elite module, Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece

by Monitor Developer

Data from My Home Computer (without any other devices) -Performance Public Renderer on my Computer

by GeorgeIoak

Monitor Bell Signal

by mikedk


by jsc

Conditions in my filament bucket.

by smorblomman