by E. Legler


by carli_eb

Raspi Experiment mit dem BMP085

by carli_eb

Außentemperatur in Eilenburg

by ecovolt

SparkCore sending light and temperature

by kaabah

A BMP180 and DHT22 based weather station.

by neway722

Test channel for DWuino temp/humidity sensor

by palbeda

Temperature DHT22

by ktraglin

Temperature Monitor

by sp9cih

temperatura Pańska Góra Andrychów

by domotics

Suivi de la temperature (Maison de Jeremydeparis)

by logging.leap.AD

Logging Data for Calthorpe Micro-AD site

by vanne

Wireless temperature measurements with XRF + thermistor.

by RobertoMD

Medidas de presion, temperatura y humedad