by digitalmind

Condizioni ambientali sala server RSA Casa Famiglia di Solferino

by msk

0 = zkrat, 30 = slať, 330 = Sahara, 1024 = vytažená sonda

by senseye

AP-2952 installed at Spen Farm Leeds

by senseye

A-5658 installed on Spen Farm Leeds

by senseye

A-5499 installed at Spen Farm Leeds.

by digitalmind

Condizioni ambientali sala server Antares Vision

by lokis

Temperature and humidity at home

by svato1979

Real time data from an Arduino Nano V3.0 to which a Humidity & Temperature sensor (DHT22 ) a Barometric pressure sensor (BMP180) and a LDR are connected. Data are processed from the microcontroller and send via a ESP8266 transceiver to the ThingSpeak web

by jvanostrand

For testing software development

by fvdomotics

Smartthings Channel to gather information from my house

by McuOnEclipse

Channel for ESP8266 data. This is a first testing channel how to use it with a Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board using the ESP8266 WiFi module.

by powerware

Temperature & Humidity measured with Raspberry Pi. (DT22/AM2302 sensor)

by rodri16

Measuring every 30 minutes. Mbili Board + TPH sensor + OLED Display + WEE WiFiBee board

by Jagdflieger86

Environmental data of one greengouse