by tutuadri15

Canal dedicado al monitoreo de temperatura y humedad interior del departamento, usando el sensor DHT22 conectado a un Arduio uno + Ethernet Shield.

by Rumlin

Thermometer DS18B20

by Stoney

Standalone esp8266 ESP-12 board with a DHT22 and analog battery reading, now running off 2 D cells. Started 21 June 2015. Added second upload from an indoor unit (BMP180) adding pressure and temperture

by LogAquaponics

Air temperature, relative humidity, water temperature data logging for aquaponic greenhouse.

by fpirot

Temperatures et Hygro de ma maison

by blue

Weather at east part of Tampere

by Gupa


by walder

A couple of sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi located in our office. Currently using HTU21D and BH1750.

by dfleck

Oregon Scientific Weather interfaced to an Arduino.

by senseye

This is some Pi Sensor data