by brobild

Weather at Öresundsbron

by walder

A couple of sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi located in our office. Currently using HTU21D and BH1750.

by dfleck

Oregon Scientific Weather interfaced to an Arduino.

by davemclaughlin

Temperature of Upper and Lower compartments

by DrRob

Sensor readings from the greenhouse

by dfleck

LaCrosse weather station interfaced with an Arduino.

by senseye

AP-2952 installed at Spen Farm Leeds

by jderson

Anderson weather station, Olathe,KS

by Rumlin

Thermometer DS18B20

by pfeerick

ESP8266 running NODEMCU v0.9.6 with a DS18B20 temperature sensor, sending temperature data every 10 minutes.

by dvlyon

Weather Station with water level monitoring

by Fred28

Commune de Yermenonville Sonde DS18B20

by khalidsidco

Environment Monitor at University of Washington