by knutkristensen

ATMEGA328P combined with ESP8266 protoboard, with custom ESP8266 firmware.

by costagilberto

xbmc statistics

by indudev

by sgx

Energy usage in my home. I'm using ESP-12 module hooked up with electrical energy meter which sends impulse each Wh. That I sum and post every 60sec. The spike that you can observed is the fridge

by zabavv

running from python

by juusokorhonen

Raspberry Pi, Model B running at Aalto-NMC. A ScreenlyOSE display.

by adamuss

Stacja Narciarska 'Długa Polana'

by Katzworld

RPI Monitor. Not alot so far working on changing that

by bgardner

Home Control Temperatures

by xjackx

nodemcu temperature & humidity logger with dht11 sensor

by objarni

The temperature of my HP dv6 laptop.

by sm0k0

This is a single test instance with an Maxim DS18B20 Temperature Sensor connected to an ESP8266. Firmware is NodeMCU and board is a ESP-12. Temperarture is triggerd once every 90 seconds.