by db1mso

ESP8266 sendet alle 30s Daten von einem DHT22

by indudev

by Frogmore

DS18B20 temperature sensors providing freeze protection

by sgx

Energy usage in my home. I'm using ESP-12 module hooked up with electrical energy meter which sends impulse each Wh. That I sum and post every 60sec. The spike that you can observed is the fridge

by sskorpion

Ornontowicka 12

by Ispep

ESP8266 givare till Internet

by sm0k0

This is a single test instance with an Maxim DS18B20 Temperature Sensor connected to an ESP8266. Firmware is NodeMCU and board is a ESP-12. Temperarture is triggerd once every 90 seconds.

by saibot

Weather data as measured outside my home in Foley MN.

by tsckerpen

Temperaturmessung mittels DS18b20 und Arduino Nano. Wlan Anschluss via ESP8266

by opencontent

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by knutkristensen

ATMEGA328P combined with ESP8266 protoboard, with custom ESP8266 firmware.