by etalon

Monitoring of household electricity consumption and temperature. Gas consumption to follow.

by elevation

Badtemperaturen i Innaren

by herrtien

Made in VietNam

by luminaric

My Humidor

by adamuss

Stacja Narciarska 'Długa Polana'

by Salamander

Weather data logging in Rosice

by AlBi

- teplota - vlhkost

by rajdarge

Test Channell For thingspeak

by sq3bkl

Pomiar temperatury i wilgotności u Adama Kozłowskiego

by Stoney

Standalone esp8266 ESP-12 board with a DHT22 and analog battery reading, now running off 2 D cells. Started 21 June 2015. Added second upload from an indoor unit (BMP180) adding pressure and temperture

by saibot

Weather data as measured outside my home in Foley MN.

by edaquaponics

Light Sensor switches on house lights at dusk then switches them off at random time around bed time

by CentralTokyo


by subutai6

Get the soil moisture value from ESP8266 Nodemcu