by juusokorhonen

Raspberry Pi, Model B running at Aalto-NMC. A ScreenlyOSE display.

by Katzworld

RPI Monitor. Not alot so far working on changing that

by Rumlin

Thermometer DS18B20

by pny

Absolute Humidity

by Frogmore

DS18B20 temperature sensors providing freeze protection

by kurczak2

DS18B20 test

by erdees

Temperature sensor near from Varshavskaya district in Moscow

by sskorpion

Ornontowicka 12

by atmosdc25s

Pomiar temperatur kotla Atmos DC20GS +bufor 900l+obieg CO (Temperature measurement boiler and Atmos DC20GS + heat buffer 900l + heating circuit), Lan Kontroler V1.2+ SW:3.21

by DNISilverton

0 = Indicator Off 1 = Red 2 = Orange 3 = Green

by herrtien

Made in VietNam

by Mawrob

Ockway Bay tide measured using Maxbotix ultrasonic range sensor, Arduino and cellular shield.

by gmotron

Tupac cryostat status. Follow @tupaccryostat on twitter for alerts. Click on "More Information" to go to the twitter feed.