by Rumlin

Thermometer DS18B20

by fpirot

Temperatures et Hygro de ma maison

by Stoney

Standalone esp8266 ESP-12 board with a DHT22 and analog battery reading, now running off 2 D cells. Started 21 June 2015.

by wsd007

No Description

by SteveWall

9CDA data, temperature sensor and RPi

by dvlyon

Weather Station with water level monitoring

by jfajardo

Datos meteorológicos en Condado de Huelva,16 Torre del Mar 29740 Málaga

by brugk000

Arduino nano with ethernet shield. HTU21D for humidity, BMP180 for pressure and temperature in laundry room

by risk

8 analog Pt100 sensors with Temperature convertors 4-20mA Arduino Uno board and ESP8266 module

by D_Buggz49

Testing ESP8266 and DHT-22

by batiot

Channel de test

by gregbor



Temperature in Rob's Basement