by Cahyo

Data dari Solar Controlled.

by pekhla

temperature, humidity

by kschelle

Temperature monitoring of my holiday residence in Northern part of Sealand, Denmark. In/Outdoor, freezer and refrigerator temperature using a Ventus w831 weather station and a Raspberry Pi.

by micrax


by halciber

This channel is going to be used for testing.

by edaquaponics

Light Sensor switches on house lights at dusk then switches them off at random time around bed time

by ewetjen3

Counting number of cars passing a reference line in 15 sec interval

by Blackbird1997

Hier wird die Temperatur und die relative Luftfeuchtigkeit angezeigt.

by Stoky

ESP8266 + DS18B20 + DS18B20

by atmosdc25s

Pomiar temperatur kotla Atmos DC20GS +bufor 900l+obieg CO (Temperature measurement boiler and Atmos DC20GS + heat buffer 900l + heating circuit), Lan Kontroler V1.2+ SW:3.21

by Lionel67

Toulouse - Sonde Oregon Scientific THGN132ES (Temp

by scachat


by schoolofdata

DHT Sensor in Josefstadt 60