by Skyline


by technomagg

Mereni malé vodní elektrárny

by notek

Wykresy temperatur pracujacej pompy ciepla. OG - obieg g

by jsc

Conditions in my filament bucket.

by pharri1031

3000 Gallon Tank 96" diameter Fill Height = 243.84cm Gals per cm = 12.303

by JPitty

teensy 2.0 connected to RN-XV posting temperatures and valve position

by tcontrada

Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality

by hatziliontos

Biological treatment 3phase amperage, rotating sedimentation bridges, measurements taken from a efergy elite module, Nea Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece

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by selivanovd

Indoor test data

by zaynus

uno r3+nrf24+uno+W5100

by trs_au

A test of the USR-HTW sensor, running from Python. See for details.

by 1704eu

this is still a "test-channel" to play with an arduino, a w5100 shield and a humidity sensor.