by minorukob

The rough temperature and illumination of my office in Nakano

by Julio

Medicion Consumo electrico residencial K

by halciber

This channel is going to be used for testing.

by saibot

Weather data as measured outside my home in Foley MN.

by svato1979

Real time data from an Arduino Nano V3.0 to which a Humidity & Temperature sensor (DHT22 ) a Barometric pressure sensor (BMP180) and a LDR are connected. Data are processed from the microcontroller and send via a ESP8266 transceiver to the ThingSpeak web

by sgx

Energy usage in my home. I'm using ESP-12 module hooked up with electrical energy meter which sends impulse each Wh. That I sum and post every 60sec. The spike that you can observed is the fridge

by Mawrob

Ockway Bay tide measured using Maxbotix ultrasonic range sensor, Arduino and cellular shield.

by Pavlus70

Bazen automatizace

by adamuss

Stacja Narciarska 'Długa Polana'

by chisholm

An ESP8266-01 running NodeMCU connected to a DS18B20 temp sensor.

by c.lecroq

Montre la temp