by ezahrai

Current temperature, humidity and pressure at the NWCC Communication Tower in Prince Rupert, BC

by kwso888

A very simple temperature and relative humidity station built up by ESP8266 module running on NodeMCU and DHT22 sensor.

by ram

Arduino with temperature and humidity sensors

by azaroth

Arduino Mega + Ethernet Shield + DHT22

by erdevisa

Home made weather station project(under developement)

by yaqwsx

First test of ESP8266 with NodeMCU firmware. Data are read from pressure sensor BMP085, humidity sensor DHT11, and temperature sensor DS18x20. Everything is powered with ATMEGA328p

by RaspBerWie01

Environment inside of a living building, currently only pressure and temperature of the living room, located in Berlin (Germany)

by creature

Shows the temperature inside/outside in my home in Oslo, Norway.

by kriedel

Temperaturen und Luftfeuchte zu Hause

by kryten2x4b

Temperature monitoring at home and work using RPi and temp sensors

by chrisumbel

kitchen temp, humidity, mq2 gas sensors. powered by an electric imp with a hih6030-021-001.

by nexcel

Arduino device that takes reading of the physical environment