by rosko

Temperature and humidity in Antonovo, Bulgaria, measured by DHT11 and sended through ESP8266. / Температура и относителна влажност в Антоново, България, измерени от DHT11 и изпратени през ESP8266.

by TravisH

Environmental Conditions in Melbourne

by TravisH

The temperature inside my Greenhouse, Outside my Greenhouse and the calculated temperature difference. This greenhouse is located in Pakenham, VIC, Australia

by T1mbo

My very simple weather station in Chelyabinsk, Russia. I use Arduino Uno + Dragino Yun shield + DHT22+BMP180.

by ivanfr90

Temperature and Ozone information from a Waspmote

by RPiSpy

This channel shows temperature and pressure logged by Matt's Raspberry Pi and a BMP180 sensor.

by sa6097

Observing how the Irish weather affects the temperature in my small greenhouse (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 m) and the plants in it.

by avaldebe

DIY Air Quality (AQ) and Meteorological (MET) monitoring station

by Niedziela

ESP8266 Wifi module Temp logger on ThingSpeak Using DS18B20 Temperature Sensors. Just experimenting with IoT... And if you are looking at the data and wondering... No, I do not have Air Conditioning. :(

by nitram

Climate at home in KIngaroy, Queensland, Australia. Measuring temperature and relative humidity with DHT22, barometric pressure with BMP085 and light with a Freetronics sensor. All connected to a Freetronics Etherten.

by davestoweuk

My 8266 Wifi Sending Temperature, Humidity of my home and Power usage (eventually!)

by ram

Arduino with temperature and humidity sensors

by yaqwsx

First test of ESP8266 with NodeMCU firmware. Data are read from pressure sensor BMP085, humidity sensor DHT11, and temperature sensor DS18x20. Everything is powered with ATMEGA328p

by yapkoloi

Projek FYP 2015 yang menggunakan Raspberry Pi dan BrickPi untuk mengukur suhu Bilik Server dari masa ke semasa. :)

by 14971

Test pomiarów za pomocą Lan Kontrolera V2.