by ram

Arduino with temperature sensor

by 14971

Test pomiarów za pomocą Lan Kontrolera V2.

by ernestopace

Monitoring during solar eclipse: Shed temperature Outside temperature

by kryten2x4b

Temperature monitor at home from Raspberry Pi B+

by nexcel

Arduino device that takes reading of the physical environment

by erhome00

Project to get familar with nodemcu on a ESP8266. Preassure and temp data from BMP180 sensore is polled every 750ms. Mean value is calculated and uploaded every 15s. All is done with LUA-script. For questions ask @

by RaspBerWie01

Environment inside of a living building, currently only pressure and temperature of the living room.

by creature

Shows the temperature inside/outside in my home in Oslo, Norway.

by chrisumbel

kitchen temp, humidity, mq2 gas sensors. powered by an electric imp with a hih6030-021-001.

by teo_kan

Temperature, pressure and light, located in Montreal, Canada. There is a radiation channel also: 9892. Take a look!.

by kriedel

Temperaturen und Luftfeuchte zu Hause

by Dosmandan

Temperature, soil moisture, watering

by kwso888

A very simple temperature and relative humidity station built up by ESP8266 module running on NodeMCU and a very cheap DHT11 sensor. The whole system is powered by 3S Lipo battery.