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Finedust monitoring station near Seoul, Korea. Air pollution monitoring channel updates once every minute with PM10.0 and PM2.5 readings from the Nova PM (SDS011) Sensor, Also includes realtime location tracking capabilities with the GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Module
  arduino, nodemcu, nodemcu-arduino, finedust, gps, gps-location, gps-tracker, gps-tracking, c++, esp8266, dust
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Dust Monitoring Kits' Location
Field 1 Chart
pm₂.₅ (초미세먼지)
Field 2 Chart
PM₁₀.₀ (미세먼지)
Field 3 Chart
Temperature (온도 ℃)
Field 4 Chart
Latitude (측정 위치 : 위도)
Field 5 Chart
Longitude (측정 위치 : 경도)
PM₂.₅ Distribution
PM₁₀.₀ Distribution
Temperature Distribution
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