Chania Crete Weather station

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  • Author: JohnSkil
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Measuring outside temerature , relative humidity , dew point temperature, barometric pressure with a solar powered esp8266-07 wifi module a Si7021 humidity sensor,a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a bmp180 barometric pressure sensor. Power source is a 3
  chania, crete, greece, χανια, κρητη, ελλαδα, temperature, relative humidity, esp8266, barometric, bmp180, si7021, solar panel, 18650 li-ion, ds18b20, uv, veml6070

Field 1 Chart
Relative Humidity (RH)
Field 2 Chart
Dew Point (Σημείο Δρόσου)
Field 5 Chart
Battery voltage
Field 4 Chart
Field 3 Chart
UV (Index)
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