Pool solar heater control and weather station - Osek[CZ]

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Arduino Uno WiFi REV2 temperature of pool and solar panel control + weather in Osek u Duchcova, Czech Republic, MAX 6675 thermocouple and BME280
  arduino, uno, wifi, rev 2, solar, panel, heater, control, osek, czech, pool, bazen, weather, humidity, temperature, bme280, pressure, max6675, thermocouple
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Field 1 Chart
Solar water collector - Kolektor
Field 2 Chart
Pool temperature - Teplota v bazénu
Field 3 Chart
Atmospheric Temperature - Vzduch teplota okolí
Field 6 Chart
Atmospheric Pressure - Vzduch tlak
Field 4 Chart
Relative Atmospheric Humidity - Vlhkost relativní
Field 5 Chart
Pool heating pump - Čerpadlo
Field 7 Chart
Field 8 Chart
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